Information about our rubber cloths

Quality products

Our rubber cloths are offered in several different qualities and designs. Different patterning for slip protection, ease of cleaning and assembly. Different qualities depending on the application. Requirements for e.g. electrical insulation, oil resistance, weather and wind, wear resistance determine which rubber is used.

We offer rubber cloth in most rubber qualities Natural rubber, EPDM, Para rubber, Chloroprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Viton, Fluorine rubber, cell rubber etc.

Rubber sheets

We stock rubber cloth in most qualities to meet our customers' demands for fast delivery. Just as with our carpets, canvas is delivered to measure or in rolls, with or without inlay/weave, thickness and choice of rubber quality is adapted to what the canvas is to be used for. "Images and examples, click to tables

Rubber recipes

Helsingborgs Gummifabrik are the supplier of several different rubber qualities. In collaboration with local and international laboratories we have developed our own special recipes, customised to meet special requirements from or customers and their needs.  Vi tagit fram flera egna recept som anpassats för att uppfylla kundernas specifika krav på funktion.

Our register of recipes includes the following qualities in different variations and with different characteristics.

Natural rubber

  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Fluorgummi
  • Nitrilgummi
  • Hydrerad Nitril
  • Silicon Rubber
Gummiduk Epdm1,0-10 mm60-70 sh1400 mmsvart
Naturgummiduk1,0-50 mm60-70 sh1400 mmsvart
Naturgummiduk1,0-6 mm70 sh1400 mmvit
Paragummiduk0,5-25 mm40 sh1400 mmbeige
Kloroprenegummiduk0,5-10 mm40 sh1300 mmsvart
Kloroprenegummiduk0,5-20 mm60 sh1400 mmsvart
2,0-30 mm60 sh1400 mm 
Nitrilgummiduk0,5-12 mm70 sh1400 mm 
1,0-10 mm50 sh1400 mmvit
Silikongummiduk02-10 mm60 sh1200 mmRöd
0,2-10 mm60 sh1200 mmtransp
Fluorgummiduk0,5-6 mm70 sh1200 mm 
 Uretangummiduk1,0-20 mm40-90 sh1000 mm 
Cellgummiduk Epdm2,0-30 mmca 15 sh1000 mm 
Cellgummiduk CR2,0-30 mmca 15sh1000 mm 
Cellgummiduk Silikon2,0-12 mmca 15 sh1000 mm