SIS, Swedish Standards Institute
Interesting standards:
SS ISO 3302-1,-2 Toleranser gummiartiklar
SS 162010 Egenskaper gummiartiklar
SS 1626 02 Gummi och termoelaster
Alla Bolag
Läroverket AB

Properties table

The properties table under this link belongs to the Swedish Education Agency and is used with their kind permission


Rubber is used in the most diverse applications, primarily in industry, and most people usually know a number of different areas of use for rubber.

In order to show you a more unknown world where the versatility of rubber can be applied, we have compiled a number of well-known artists who show off their creations made of rubber. Click on their name to get to the respective website.

Agneta Gynning
Rubber sculptures.

Birgitta Nelson Clauss
Rubber sculptures.

Matthias van Arkel
Paintings and mixed art made of rubber.

Thale Vangen
Squid made of rubber, total size 20 meters.

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We also perform coating and grinding of rolls:

  • Silicone

  • SBR

  • Hypalon

  • EPDM

  • Nitril

  • Polyuretan

Hot vulcanizing

 Cold vulcanizing or shrink fitting according to specification.

Drum coating – Anti-slip

We carry out coating work with friction and protective rubber with CN layer.
Marks: Rugtorp - Minigrip - Maxigrip.