Information about SILICONE RUBBER

With different production technologies, depending on the product, we are producing silicone products to customers both in Sweden and on the international market.

As material, Silicone can be adjusted to meet the requirements determined by most applcations. Appart from standard qualities we are supplying specials such as non-flamable, conductive, oil-resistant and qualities with advanced wearing strength. Most Silicone qualities we are offering are FDA approved, making them especially suitable in applicatons in the food and pharma industry.

Our flexibility and our machine park enables us to produce both larger and smaller volumes with short lead times and within a competitive price range.

Silicone tubing and hoses are extruded with outer diameters from 0,6 – 46mm. We also extrude different sealing profiles. With our knowledge and experience we are able to develop customised profiles tailored to fit and make your specific application unique!

In our moulding department for compression moulding we produce silicone products according to customer drawings. Anything from moulding silicone onto metal parts, sealings, gaskets to special profiles and shapes that are developed together with our customers for their special needs. For really large volumes and when tolerances are extremely tight we have the ability to work with liquid silicones as well.

 Hardness10° shore – 90° shore
 Temperature range -50°C till +180°C
 Peak temp short term: 300°C
 Livsmedelsgodkänt enligt FDA 
Base colour:Transparent,
we dye according to RAL
or NCS

Other qualities

  • Heat stabilizing up to 320°C
  • Conductive 2-10 ohm cm
  • Oil resistant
  • Non flammable
  • Oil-resistant qualities

Our specialties

  • Precision cutting, 3mm – 5m
  • Vulcanised joints of frames and edges
  • Vulcanised joints on O-rings
  • Extrusion of soft qualities (10°Shore)
 symb  D-form  Silicone 6 mm 8 mm Infräses
 symb2 Slanglist för 3 mm spår  Silicone 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm Monteras i 3 mm sågspår
Slanglist för 4 mm spår  Silicone 10 mm Monteras i 4mm sågspår
symb3 Slanglist för 3 mm sågspår  Silicone  7 mm Monteras i 3 mm sågspår
 symb4 Slanglist för 3 mm sågspår  Silicone  10 mm Monteras i 3 mm sågspår
 symb5  V-list för 3 mm sågspår  Silicone  H 12 mm Monteras i 3 mm sågspår, kan stödhäftas
 symb6  Slanglist  Silicone 5,5 mm 7,5 mm 10 mm Limmas
 symb7  Omega  Silicone 5,5 mm 7,5 mm Limmas
 symb8  P-list  Silicone 5,5 mm 7,5 mm Limmas eller häftas
 symb9  Rak läpplist  Silicone  L 14 mm Infräses
 symb10  Böjd läpplist  Silicone  L 12,5 mm Infräses
 symb11  Rund läpplist  Silicone 3 mm 6 mm 8,5 mm 10 mm

Tätning av apparatskåp – maskiner – kylar – värmeugnar etc.

Urvalet är ej måttenligt utan tjänar endast som åskådningsobjekt. Produkten tillverkas efter Er ritning i överenskommet material. För närvarande förfogar vi över 2000 kundprofiler.
 7918 symb12  7919 symb14
 7920 symb15 82526 symb16
82527 symb17 82528 symb18
82529 symb19 82542 symb20
 83582  962 symb22
 943 symb23 888 symb24
 845 symb25