Molded products

In our department for compression moulding we produce moulded rubber products in a variety of qualities and formats depending on application and use. In our product range you will find membranes, dampers, keypads, sealings, welding jaws and other rubber/metal units. We are also able to offer very precise and thin walled(0,2mm) rubber coating of steel-plates.

Our equipment is adapted to produce both large volume series and smaller volumes as well as for developing moulds and tools for prototypes and test projects.

Following our long term experience in the rubber industry we are happy to take part and assist in our customers projects from an early stage, from idea to full scale production.

Appart from just producing the product we are also offering, design, material specification and manufacturing of tools/moulds.


Our machines

Our range of machines contains equipment for injection-, compression-, transfer- and vacuum moulding.

Product range

Our range of products includes: membranes for respiratory devices, dampers, bellows, handles/grips, keypads, sealings, grinding wheels and Rubber/metal joint products.

Stoppkil i gummi

Helsingborgs Gummifabriks AB har utvecklat en stoppkil i gummi som ger ett mycket stadigt stöd åt rullar både vid transport och lagring. Produkten är under lång tid testad med mycket gott resultat hos Parajett AB i Landskrona. Vi hoppas att Ni skall finna vår stoppkil i gummi intressant och användbar i Er produktion.