Quality products

Our rubbermats are offered in a variety of qualities and executions. Different patterns to provide slipping, be easy to clean and/or to mount. Differnt qualities to fit into the application/usage for example isolation, oilresistance, ozonresistance and wearing strength are key factors effecting the choice of quality.

We offer rubber mats in most rubber qualities Natural rubber, EPDM, Para rubber, Chloroprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Viton, Fluorine rubber, cellular rubber etc.

Rubber mats

Rubber mats are used in several environments and for different purposes. F.i. for ergonomical reasons, creation of comfortable working places and for protection of walls and floors in stables and workshops.

Helsingborgs Gummifabriks AB offer rubber mats in a lot of different executions and qualities, cut to specified dimensions or on full rolls depending on the customers needs.

Rubber recipes

Helsingborgs Gummifabrik are the supplier of several different rubber qualities. In collaboration with local and international laboratories we have developed our own special recipes, customised to meet special requirements from or customers and their needs.  Vi tagit fram flera egna recept som anpassats för att uppfylla kundernas specifika krav på funktion.

Our register of recipes includes the following qualities in different variations and with different characteristics.

Natural rubber

  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Fluorgummi
  • Nitrilgummi
  • Hydrerad Nitril
  • Silicon Rubber
DurkmattaBredd (mm)Längd (m)
Durkmatta, Svart 3mm1000/1250/140010
Durkmatta, Svart 5mm140010
Durkmatta, Oljebeständig, Svart 3mm1250/140010
Durkmatta, Grå, 3mm140010
Durkmatta, Grå 5mm140010
SmalräffladBredd (mm)Längd (m)
Smalräfflad, Svart 3mm1000/1200/140010
Smalräfflad, Grå 3mm1000/1200/140010
BredräffladBredd (mm)Längd (m)
Bredräfflad, Svart 3,5mm1000/1200/140010
Bredräfflad, Grå 3,5mm10007130010
BussmattaBredd (mm)Längd (m)
Bussmatta, NR Svart 5mm140010
Bussmatta, NR Grå, Elisolerande 5mm120010
Bussmatta, NR Grå, Elisolerande 5mm 1 inlägg140010
Bussmatta, Svart Oljebeständig 5mm120010
PrickmattaBredd (mm)Längd (m)
Prickmatta, Svart 3mm140010
RingmattaBredd (mm)Längd (m)
Ringmatta, Svart 23mm10001,5
Ringmatta, Svart 23mm8001,2
Ringmatta, Svart 13mm, Rulle10009,2